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Who is a master artist? 
Master artists are longtime practitioners who have reached a high level of expertise in their art form and are recognized within their community as being among the best. The program is more than just lessons; it is intended to support a mentoring relationship between master artist and apprentice. 
What is a traditional arts apprenticeship? An apprenticeship is a face-to-face learning situation in which an experienced artist instructs a novice. This instruction addresses both the skills and techniques of an art form, as well as how to manage an art career in modern days. 
Who can be an apprentice? 
Apprentice must be resident of North Dallas, Texas, of at least 16 yrs old and should already have some skill in the art form, be computer literate and demonstrate a serious commitment to the mastery of the visual arts.
How long does an apprenticeship last?
Apprenticeships span from 9 - 12 months but alternative schedules will be considered if appropriate. A professional portfolio will be developed and the apprentice may be invited to participate in gallery & museum exhibits and competitions. The master and apprentice will develop a teaching plan that specifies where, when, and how often they will meet and how long each session will last.
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"We are looking for talent" says master artist Diana Moya. "SoDeVis is accepting portfolios for review"